Monday, May 7, 2012

Infertility Support Group

Well, I have a couple pieces of news to share.

First, I got my period today! That's right. My very own, hardly-assisted-at-all, post-ovulation, real live period. This is after a chart that started out super weird but then made a miraculous comeback and ended up being the best chart I've seen... since I've started charting. And during a cycle in which I was running pretty much constantly in training for my upcoming first full marathon attempt. AND a cycle in which I had given myself a full pardon from worrying about TTC due to said marathon attempt.

Clearly, this is very good news! My recent bloodwork even proved that I ovulated, and the doctor told me when the results came in that he would probably try to put me on the $1500 Menopur that Hubs and I already purchased but couldn't use back in January, provided that I didn't have any wonky cysts like I did last time. I was really worried that we'd just have to consider that money as good as gone because I really didn't expect to have a good enough cycle to try it before the meds expired. I'm headed back to the RE tomorrow for an ultrasound (here's hoping that I have a less humiliating experience this time) to make sure I'm good to go with the meds.

My other news is that I finally made it to the local Infertility Support Group tonight! It's held the first Monday of the month and I typically teach a class on Monday nights, but hallelujah, classes are out for summer.

I was nervous and not sure of what to expect but I was SO GLAD I went! It's a small group - the leader said the number varies every single week - but we had five tonight. I can't believe how great it was to be with some other IF folks in the flesh! I guess "great" isn't the right word, because obviously it sucks a fat one that any of us are involved in this at all. But I really appreciated hearing other peoples' perspectives and what they've gone through and how we're all kind of at different stages with coping and in our journey.

This is going to sound painfully obviously, but I really felt supported (I know, duh, it's a support group). It was a very open, non-judging, caring environment. I felt instantly connected. And the women were just really nice. We took turns sharing our stories and then talking about what's been the toughest for us throughout the process, the RE's we've been seeing and how we liked them, and that kind of thing. I'm definitely going back next month. I might even make a couple of new gal pals out of it! Has anyone else tried a support group? Did you also have a good experience?

So all-in-all, things are looking up. I'm hoping for a good doctor's appointment tomorrow. My job is slowing down to a manageable pace. I'm feeling SOLIDLY ready for my marathon. And I'm still flying high from actually ovulating this cycle!


  1. Awesome news! If I knew of a IF support group in this area I would probably check it out.


  2. That is great news, both about the big Ov and the support group. I think it must be amazing, weird but great?! At least I hope so...I am going to my first ever MRKH support group this coming weekend. They have been running them for years at a hospital in London but before this year I have never before had the courage to show my actual face as an MRKHer...Also it didn't help that when I was first diagnosed at 18 till we split at 24 my ex was very unsupportive of any 'therapy'.
    Am so glad you have found the group! keep it up :)

  3. That's great that you ovulated! I've never attended a support group, because there's not one that's close for us to attend. I've used my blog as my extended support group. =)

  4. Yay on your own AF, I completely understand what an accomplishment that is as someone who can really only have them with medication. What an awesome thing to have an IF support group. There is just something about meeting woman in person who are going through the same thing.