Friday, May 4, 2012

Waiting for Blood Test Results

I was waiting to write until I had my blood test results from my RE appointment yesterday but I STILL. DON'T. HAVE.THEM.

My appointment was for 8:15 am yesterday and the whole point was to check on how my daily estrogen is going. I had some other goals in mind, however, mostly which I did not accomplish. 

  • Tell him the pills are going great. Brain fog cleared up. No hot flashes. 
  • Discuss current cycle and possible ovulation. Got a "pregnancy serum" test (is this the same as a beta?)
  • Got blood drawn to look at FSH, estrogen, and progesterone levels. These results will apparently tell us whether or not I ovulated, and how the estrogen pills are doing in keeping my FSH low and my estrogen at a decent level. 
  • Got some "what if" scenarios with possible plans to move forward depending on said blood work. If I ovulated and am not knocked up, I may finally get to use the Menopur (discussed here) that has been sitting in my fridge for the past four months. If I did not ovulate, we will continue the daily estrogen (or adjust the dosage, according to my numbers). 
  • Discuss the NIH study. I am planning to bring it up if my blood work shows I didn't ovulate. 
  • Ask about a therapist. Honestly, I just forgot. Will bring it up on the phone if blood work was crappy.
  • Receive the EFFING BLOOD TEST RESULTS YET. He said he'd call yesterday afternoon. Nope. This morning? Nope. I called and left a message at noon. They called back to just verify my freaking birth date. Really? So I'm still waiting.
I can assume that the pregnancy serum came back negative, because that's a phone call I'm sure the doc would squeeze in, however busy he might be. So now I am just hoping that I ovulated and the rest of the numbers look solid. 


  1. Waiting for blood results sucks. But I hope you'll get some good numbers back. FX!

  2. YOU OVULATED!! YAAAY! Crazy the things we have to celebrate, isn't it? ;-) Good lucj wiht everything else! :-)