Friday, September 28, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Results!

I'm back with a quick post for Dog Mom's Pinterest Challenge before I leave for a nice long vacation TOMORROW MORNING!

My inspiration (as seen in this post) involved laser printing a picture onto regular paper and then transferring it onto canvas.

So I printed out a picture from the Bourbon Trail we took last year - Maker's Mark was our favorite distillery and I love this picture I took with my digital camera:

So I converted it to black and white and did a little cropping and went to work. This was after letting the picture and gel stuff sit over night:

The super annoying part of the deal was scraping off all the paper without taking up too much of the picture.

The final product:

I just rotated, saved, resaved, and renamed this picture and it would. not. upload. the right way.

Anyway, I think it turned out pretty well, considering this was attempt #1. I am not thrilled wilth how much of the picture rubbed off (that line through the middle bugs me), but I definitely want to try this again!  Thanks to Dog Mom for the inspiration to get my butt moving on this project!


  1. What a cool trick!

  2. I think it looks awesome!!!

  3. Wow! That looks great! Btw, have fun on vacation!

  4. Love it! I have been wanting to try that for awhile but just haven't had the time. My boss lives down that way and did the tour too. I am hoping that I can get Matt to go down there for a mini vacay.

  5. Love this! I actually like the parts that stripped off. I wonder how it would work if you painted your canvas first...

  6. Great looking photo! Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  7. Looks cool! hope you're having a FABULOUS holiday! xxx

  8. This looks SO awesome! I'll post it SOON!