Sunday, September 2, 2012

Follie Update

First of all, thanks everyone SO MUCH for all of the support and positive thoughts over the past week. You guys are the best cheerleaders for my little follicle!

This weekend I was trying very hard to keep my expectations about the follicle growth low. Nothing seems to ever go our way when it comes to fertility, but it's tough not to get my hopes up anyway. So I went back to the doctor this morning thinking I'd really be at least "okay" if this cycle busted.

The ultrasound showed a lining of 7.8 (they wanted it above 7)
And follie went from 13.3 to 19 mm!!!!

We talked with the doctor about our options of IUI vs. timed intercourse and we decided to move forward with an IUI on Tuesday! I'm triggering tonight with the Ovidrel I never got to use from my previous failed cycles.


I know the odds are still not "in our favor" because of likely egg quality issues, but even to get this far, to be in a position where I have an active, perfectly sized follicle with a perfectly lined uterine wall... I mean, this is huge for us. I really thought we'd never get to even try!

My question for any of you who have had IUIs - um... what's it feel like? Is it like the wand or different? Any advice for the next few days or the day of the IUI?

* * * 
Also, now that the really important update is out of the way, I also ran another half-marathon yesterday! And if you'll remember, I had not trained adequately for this one. As in, my longest run was 8 miles on the treadmill 5 weeks ago.  And since then, I haven't run more than 5 or 6 miles at once. So I expected to have to walk-run this thing (which I was fine with) at the very least. Also it was 91% humidity and a hot morning. However, I totally stuck with my friend and we ran the whole thing in 10:15 mins/mile splits! It's almost a full minute per mile slower than my half marathon in April, but it's also way faster and better than I expected or trained for!
The medal
It's been a good weekend. Let's hope the good luck continues!


  1. That's amazing news! Good luck on Tuesday!

  2. So happy you're follie came through for you! And congrats on your achievement!

  3. Wow brilliant follie! maybe it was the pot and living vicariously ;)

  4. YAY for follie! And IUI! Woot woooooot

  5. Hey, congrats! That is super exciting news! I wish you and your nice big follicle the best of luck this week!

  6. Yay! So excited for you...hope that Tuesday goes well! And, great job on the half marathon, too! Even though you know it is slower than you ran in April, that is still a very impressive time! Way to go!

  7. Great b on the half! IUIs are not painful at all....literally done in a second, then you get to relax for a while! Yeah for your follie!

  8. So happy for you that you have such a big strong follicle! Continuing to keep you in my prayers for a successful cycle.

    And congrats on completing the half marathon! That's fantastic!

    1. PS - I hardly felt a thing with my IUIs. Nothing to worry about there.

  9. Go ovary! I am so stinking excited for this! IUIs are not bad. They can be a little uncomfortable when the catheter passes through your cervix, but it really is not worse than a gross pap. As for resting, I don't think I'd go run a half marathon or anything, but honestly my doctors have never said to change my life much during the TWW.

    And oh my gosh, I am in awe of your ability to run a half marathon. One day I want to run one, too. Mainly so I can boast my accomplishment on the back window of my car (not really! but kind of... :)

  10. ACK YAAAY!! Go follie go!!

  11. Well done on the half marathon!

    I'm SO excited for you and your upcoming IUI! I'll be sending you lots of good thoughts and baby dust on Tuesday.

  12. SO excited for you!! I agree with Belle, the IUI is uncomfortable but not that bad. Maybe a little cramping for a few hours afterwards, but it's definitely not horrible. I've also never been giving any restrictions, but I always tell myself not to do anything that I wouldn't do if I was pregnant...that way I don't risk anything just in case.

    I hope the TWW flies by for you and at the end of it you have a positive HPT and beta with awesome doubling times! Sending you lots of good baby vibes for tomorrow!!

  13. Thanks so much, everyone, for the words of advice and support! I feel so lucky to have a community of gals who care! I'll let you all know how it goes soon!