Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back from Vacation

Just got back yesterday from a week full of in-laws, beach, and booze. The week started like this:

(That's not our van, just a random one.)

Yes, Tropical Storm Debby hung out in the Gulf of Mexico for a few days, just circling and pelting us with gobs of rain and huge winds. So the first few days of the vacation were spent just trying to kill time and not blow away. We played Euchre, went to a museum in the next county (to see Snooty the Manatee, the oldest manatee in the world!), and ordered in pizza.

Even when the storm cleared up by Tuesday (we got there Saturday), the ocean was NOT SAFE:

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the waves were HUGE and really strong. I know, because Hubs and I went in up to our shins and got knocked around like we were paper dolls. I skinned my knee and thigh, although he came out unscathed.

By Wednesday, though, the weather was picture perfect. Here are my highlights from the week:

  • Laying on the beach with my Kindle in one hand and a drink in the other
  • Floating in the ocean with my sister in law, having stupid conversation and bonding over our fear of ... well, everything that lives in the ocean
  • Walking a mile through Tropical Storm Debby (in water up to my knees, at some points) to get to a bar
  • Getting drinks at the various on-the-beach bar/restaurants
  • Playing Euchre with the fam
  • Going to Island Yoga with my two sisters-in-law
  • Family Dinners (each couple took a turn making dinner for everyone)
  • Going to a Wine Tasting with Hubs and meeting some really amazing locals
  • A Dolphin sight-seeing cruise with the whole family (we saw lots of dolphins!)
  • Watching the first eight episodes of "Girls" on my SIL's laptop. Has anyone seen that show? SO GOOD!
  • Not working all week. I could really get used to that. 
Those are just the highlights. It really was a fun trip and I'm glad I got to go. Especially because Hubs' parents paid for the whole thing! For all of us!

There were, of course, some lowlights too, as I expected there would be. Spending the whole week with my husband's three year old niece was a delight and it was also incredibly difficult. She is adorable and she basically worships the ground my husband walks on. And he is SO. DAMN. GOOD WITH HER. He really will make a wonderful father some day. And that's what was the toughest - seeing Hubs with his niece just ripped my heart to shreds at some points. I'm so sad I can't give him that. So there were a few times when I just had to escape - I absolutely had to go for a long run or hole myself up for an hour or walk on the beach alone and have a good cry. It's tough being around your in-laws for that long anyway. As much as I love my in-laws (and I really do. I hit the jackpot when it come to in-laws), I can't really "let go" like I would around my family. 

But there's good news - I am seeing a therapist tomorrow for the first time! I'm a little bummed that it happens to fall tomorrow night, because I might miss my support group (Sorry Bea!). My appointment's at 5:30 pm, I'll try to make it afterwards but I would be late if I make it.  

And now, a picture of happiness:


  1. I'm glad you had a good week, minus the storm and the feelings of sadness. Infertility will follow you anywhere, even on vacation unfortunately :( I'm sorry I won't be able to see you tomorrow, but I'm really glad you've found a counselor that can hopefully help with some of the feelings you are having. Is it a counselor that specializes in infertility?

  2. I would walk 500 miles... to get to a bar too! Glad you had a great time. Good luck with the couselor. We were forced to go by our clinic and I think it was really helpful. Wishing you the best.