Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bathroom Reveal!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my house flooded back in December. Since then, we've been chipping away at fixing our upstairs bathroom (the one that started the flood). It's been a long, loooong process, but we are thisclose to the end. And I thought I'd share some before and almost-after pictures, because it is FINALLY functional again. We have a working tub, toilet and sink, with all the comforts of an actual floor, woohoo!!

So here's the best pic I have of pre-flood, even though it was actually taken during the flood. Notice the lovely pink tiles and soft skyblue and pink wallpaper. Don't you love the linoleum floors? Yeah. Me neither.

Here is the other side of the bathroom - you can see the floors a little better. This is after the drying company removed half of the linoleum floor to dry out the floorboards.

And yes, the tile had to come out behind the vanity and toilet to dry as well. Lovely look, no?

And for the reveal:

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures (especially with the lights being completely washed out. I have no idea how to fix that). 

So, what did we do? 

Well we got new tile floors, just basic ceramic ones from Home Depot. Then we took out the tile surrounding the tub (uuuuuuugly) and Hubs and his dad and uncle retiled with lovely white subway tile. Then we painted the baseboards white, got a new vanity, mirror, and faucet, installed new light fixtures, and painted three walls. The fourth wall is curvy and becomes the ceiling, so we kept that white. 

It's not quite done because we have nothing hanging on the walls or anything "styled" per se. Not that I even know what that entails. I definitely plan on framing some of the old pink and gold swan tiles and hanging them up, for posterity's sake. 

What do you guys think? What would you put on the walls? I'm pretty bad at that kind of thing. I was thinking about a glass shelf over the toilet á la my favorite non-infertility blog Bower Power, but my husband was sure it would only last 12 seconds before I broke it. He's probably right. All I know is that I am SO GLAD not to be working on the daggone bathroom any more! It feels good to be done. 

What a beauty. 

And sorry this post has nothing to do with infertility but people wanted to see the reveal when I mentioned we were working on the bathroom and I can't let the people down! :)


  1. Love the bathroom! Especially the paint color. Fabulous!

  2. I'm gonna need you to come and re-do my bathroom.

    I would break a glass shelf! But I am particularly clutzy.

  3. LOVE! Clean lines, simple pallet, perfect use of a gray-ish paint. Sigh. Can I have this bathroom? :)

  4. That looks great! I love it - you made it look so modern. I have no decorating ideas. My only advice is to use Pinterest for some inspiration ... it is my latest obsession.


  5. Hi from ICLW...the bathroom looks great!!!

  6. Oh wow!!! That bathroom looks amazing! What a great job you guys did. As for decoration I would try to keep it simple. Even just adding the shower curtain, the towels, the matching hand soap etc. will give a nice pop of colour. Purple/aubergine would look really nice (IMO) but it might be too girly for your man. Promise to update us with a picture once your done with decoration :)

  7. It looks wonderful!

    I have no sense of style, so I'm not sure what to suggest for decorating, but I do like the idea of hanging a couple of the old tiles. :)

  8. It turned out beautifully! And I love the grey with the subway tiles. I was thinking maybe some black and white artwork perhaps?

    ICLW #7

  9. So lovely! You would laugh if you saw my bathroom. Can I please hire you to fix it up? :) Nice work!!!

  10. I love the color palette of your bathroom; so calming, soothing and really chic! I wanted to swing by, say hello and say that as a fellow POF-er whose FSH. Is regularly in the 60's, I'm amazed that HRT has been so successful for you! I was Dx'd at 26' just 3 yrs ago. We're moving fwd with our first - hopefully last- round of DE Ivf with a known donor in just a few weeks. I'll definitely start following along your journey and wishing you much luck. Feel free to stop by my blog, or even email me too- its nice to connect with fellow POFers. Wishing you much luck!

    ~Keiko, ICLW #38: The Infertility Voice

  11. Nice, I love it! Floor looks great.
    And re your last post, I would definitely watch that movie! Sounds like some good movie scenes. Might be good to have a through line of how affecting your relationship(s)... And hoping for a happy ending! :-)

  12. I love it!! It looks awesome!

  13. Wow! The bathroom looks fantastic!

  14. Pretty! Love the colors. I'm not very good at the decorating part either so I can't offer any advice on that. But nice job so far!

    And I think it's lovely when IF bloggers occasionally take a break from writing about IF and we (the readers) get a glimpse into the writer's regular, everyday life. After all, there is more to us than just IF! ; )

    1. PS - I really like the idea of hanging some of your old tile in your beatiful new bathroom.