Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Poem from the Hubs

After yesterday's brain fog, I went home and told my husband all about what a terrible day I'd had (after crying the whole way home). He rubbed my back and played with my hair and consoled me and encouraged me and was wonderful.

Then today, he sent me an e-mail from work that contained the sweetest and most thoughtful poem. I am one lucky gal. Just wanted to share.  

It’s the time of year for hoops and March Madness,
But my wife is foggy with a touch of spring sadness.

Yesterday she had a terrible time at work it’s true,
But today is a new day and we’ve got work to do.

My wife is a strong resilient woman who can’t be held down,
She doesn’t even let wrinkles crease her face when she frowns.

Just know that your husband will be there through good times and bad,
He’ll rub your back and write poems if you get sad.

Fortunately for you I love you extra when you’re blue,
But no more saying life is pointless, because that’s not true.

All of your friends and family depend on you like crazy,
And I need you most of all with or without a baby.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!