Sunday, March 18, 2012


I went to the doctor on Friday to have another ultrasound and to get some blood work done. While I had 3-4 cysts in each ovary, they were all super small and apparently not active follicles. Because my blood work came back with an FSH level of 66 and estradiol of less than 20.  


So I finally gave in and I'm starting the Hormone Replacement Therapy of 1 mg of estrogen every day. I've just been feeling so yucky lately, with the brain fog and the hot flashes.Today is day three of estrogen and I think it's already helping with the hot flashes. Not yet with the brain fog, but I'm hopeful. 

I'm feeling so discouraged that my numbers were so terrible after all the lifestyle changes and supplements and acupuncture and the gluten-free diet. It's just kind of a reminder that this condition is really and truly out of my control. I might be able to make little nudges forward but for as much crap as I've already been putting myself through, this setback is hitting me hard. 


  1. I hope the hormones help. I think sometimes I fail to recognize just what an effect they have on our bodies. I mean, when you look at an estrogen or progesteron pill, doesn't it seem a tad ridiculous that it can really make that much of a difference???

    Good luck and happy continued 4 leaf clover and 2 dollar bill hunting. :)

    1. I know! Such a tiny pill, so much power. After the past few days, I am now a believer that it can make a world of a difference... let's hope it helps with fertility in addition to mental clarity and reducing hot flashes!