Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mustache Update

I would just like to state, for the record, that I am both depressed and just a little amused by the fact I now I have a post titled "Mustache Update".

I promised a post about the 'stache back in the comment section of this post (in which I talked about how my brain started working again after finally getting on daily estrogen pills), and I've been trying to get a good picture of it ever since. Which actually is kind of a catch-22, because I also didn't want the 'stache to get so out of control that it was visible in pictures.

Let me back up a bit. To start with, I'm not a very hairy person by nature. I'm a blonde and I've only ever had super fine, super light hair on my arms and upper lip. I know some people are very self-conscious about this "upper lip hair" (which sounds much better than mustache, actaully), but I've always considered myself pretty lucky to have gotten off with such light, nearly invisible hair (and hardly any of it!).

When I was diagnosed with POF, my doctor asked me if I ever had more hair than other kids when I was growing up, a question geared toward determining the cause of my condition, and I had to laugh a little. I'm way LESS hairy than a lot of women. But his question made me start paying close attention to my upper lip. For a few months, it was the same as always. Very light, blonde, hardly anything there.

But then I started to notice that it seemed a little darker. And longer. And I would find myself staring at it in the car every time I could see myself in the rearview mirror (I think the sunlight makes it more visible). And then I started to notice it even when I was inside under low light.

Panic ensued (obviously). As if my POF-induced forehead wrinkle isn't bad enough, now I have to deal with a straight up 'stache? My womanhood has already taken a beating with my inability to conceive. I do NOT need a mustache on top of this.

I bought a bleach kit. It definitely lightened up the situation, but then the little hairs would glimmer in the sunlight. So I took a pair of those tiny eyebrow scissors and I went to town. Definitely better. The picture below is post bleaching and trimming. 

Not perfect, but better.

What I really want to know is what CAUSED this sudden growth spurt in my upper lip hair. I have two theories. One: the lack of estrogen that was causing my brain fog was also causing hair growth. Two: my twice daily supplement of 25 mg. of DHEA is the culprit. Both seem legit, but my guess is that it's probably the DHEA. One of the side effects is facial hair growth in women, so... yeah. That's probably it. Too bad the possible positive effects of DHEA are too good for me to stop taking it. So I guess I'm stuck with trimming and bleaching for a while.

Anyone else have any fun/depressing facial hair or other crazy side effect stories to share? I can't be the only one with a mustache, right?


  1. My PCOS has blessed me with all manner of fun hair. I get a few hairs on my chin but the most stressful hair is the ones that grow right below my belly button.

    By the way, I was tagged with the Lovely Blog award and have passed it along to you. :-)

  2. I have some issues with dandruff/ dry scalp when on fertility medicines. My head will itch constantly!

  3. i totally have light hair on my upper lip for absolutely no reason. i have never had to bleach it, but i do the same thing that you do with the scissors. i have always been afraid to wax, because, even though the experts swear it's not true, i am convinced it comes back thicker and darker.

  4. Visiting from ICLW - I have a mustache... I got it as a side affect to acne medicine when I was in my early 20's... Looking back, I would have rather kept the acne :(

  5. Hi from ICLW! I couldn't resist clicking on this post from the 'you might also like' on your latest. F this 'stache crap. Mine has gotten so much worse. I have high DHEA, so yeah, let's blame that. I'm blonde too, always had light, fine hair on arms and face, but now it's dark and thick. Gotta love PCOS. I do most of my plucking while riding in the car, since the hairs do show up so much better (worse?) in sunlight. My husband just shakes his head at me now.