Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Body: The Enigma

Went to my specialist, or "Reproductive Endocrinologist," or "RE" the other day. He called a couple weeks ago with my progesterone results and said that I had probably started my period, according to the numbers. Um, nope. No period. So he said wait a week and call him back. Still nada. Zip. Not a thing. So he had me in this week to see what the eff is up.

Short back story here: we thought I may have ovulated in January. I had one follicle on the left ovary that seemed to be active according to my estrogen numbers. I never had a temperature shift or the "good" kind of cervical mucus (omg. I can't believe I'm talking about my cervical mucus on the internet.) so who knows. A pregnancy test came back negative, so I should have had a period a while ago. Like certainly before Day 46 of my cycle, which is today, and with no sign of my old gal pal, Red.

Anyway, a pelvic ultrasound showed up nothing on the left and three follicles on the right. Whaa? My lining is at about 4 mm and it needs to be at about 7 mm for ovulation, so that's not great...but the doc was very surprised to see those little follicles. I asked him what it meant and he said "Honestly? I don't know. Your body is not following the normal logic for Ovarian Failure." That could be good, right? Good that I'm not following this condition that basically shoots all but the slightest hopes of pregnancy down? Not great that the doctor has no idea what my body is up to, but hey, I'll take the smallest of victories here.

Blood tests showed that the follicles probably aren't active. But there's good news, too. My FSH is down to 10!!! With Estradiol numbers at 78.. which basically means my FSH might be low on its own, not being artificially suppressed by cysts on Day 3. Woohoo!

Physically, I am loving how I feel right now. No hot flashes or flushes (that feel like suppressed hot flashes) due to FSH and no emotional outbursts due to high estrogen. Not that those are ideal numbers for getting knocked up, but man it's nice to not feel all out of whack for a few days.

Side note: Acupuncture today was How did I ever live without it????

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