Monday, September 23, 2013

3 Months Old

<<Turns red>>


<<Dusts off cobwebs>>

Anyone still here?

I, like most post-baby inftertiles, am struggling with what to do with this space.  I know I want to keep it around, as I still get comments from ladies who are just entering this world of infertility and Premature Ovarian Failure. I'm blown away with how many pageviews my post on "Getting Pregnant with POF" continues to get on a daily basis (currently 6.5 times more views than my second most popular post,
"Ultrasound Results" in which I obsess over my chart for the month I got pregnant).

I think my story can provide hope to women with POF who are given a dire prognosis. Many women are told to seek donor eggs before they can give their own bodies a chance. I was told to seek a donor the day I was diagnosed. Over the next year, I struggled with "being ready" for that. I wanted to be ready; especially since Champ was just kind of waiting for me to say the word and he'd be ready to move full steam ahead with a donor. Even though almost no part of me actually believed I would become pregnant on my own, I knew that I needed to give myself some grieving time before spending the $15K plus on donor IVF.  So I think my blog is still serving a purpose out there in the IF world, even if my current posts are less about infertility and more about being a mom after the grim POF diagnosis. And I'm okay with that, even if I'm being way generous with myself for using "posts" in the plural form, since I hardly ever post.


A year ago this week I got pregnant. Against all odds. And nine months later, enter this beauty:

I find myself wondering - do all parents think their child is the most beautiful and amazing creature ever to grace the earth or is it just me? I am so enamored with this little one.

Did I tell you she's brilliant? She has taken to attempting to blow raspberries when prompted. She can roll over back to belly. She can squeal like a velociraptor. She's been sleeping through the night consistently for the past five weeks.

We lucked out. We know it. With as much as we prayed and we begged and we cried for a baby, I would have been happy with a colic-y, spitter upper, cranky, less-than-beautiful baby. But wow. I am beyond grateful for this perfect little gal.


  1. She is adorable! Sounds like things are going well- that's great!

  2. She REALLY is beautiful Jen! Absolutely precious! Happy three months!

  3. Please keep posting... it's so nice to find someone who has a has a happy "ending."

  4. I still find your success story amazingly inspiring, even though I have one of my own! Always glad to hear from you. So happy that things are going so well. Your daughter is just precious.

  5. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful : )