Tuesday, June 18, 2013

39.5 Weeks - Nursery Reveal

I've decided to just be okay being a mediocre blogger for now. I will definitely post when baby girl is born (um, we are due on Friday... how did that happen?!?) and when I feel moved to write, but I've given up trying to maintain any regular schedule! 

Anyway, I'm doing well. My OB has had me start coming in twice a week to do some precautionary tests.  The tests have been fine, it's the fact that she has me coming in to do them that concerns me. I've been doing non-stress tests (i.e. belly is strapped with two belt things that are hooked up to a monitor that measures uterine activity and baby's heart rate) and more recently, ultrasounds to check my fluid levels. The doctor said she is just being extra cautious because I am technically "high risk" (news to me?) because of the Premature Ovarian Failure. Baby has been passing the tests fine, so I guess I'm glad to get the extra reassurance that everything is okay. Doc probably is concerned because I mentioned baby was hardly moving at all the week before last. Of course then I go in for the test and she throws herself a kicking party. 

Anyway. I'm ready for this little one to be born so I can meet her and hold her. I already can't believe how in love I am with this baby girl - there are moments when I think my heart is going to burst from being so genuinely happy and thankful that it's really happening. 

And aside from being emotionally prepared to meet her, we are all set for her to come home to a nursery that is officially FINISHED! Woohoo! I have some pics of course - unfortunately I just broke my real camera (damn leaky water bottle ruined everything!), so these are straight off my cell phone. I went with a loose "hot air balloon" theme and tried to keep things kind of soothing and soft and not too girly. Enjoy!

Since this picture was taken, we've moved the little framed hot air balloon pic from the right to a couple of shelves that are now flanking the window: 

I MADE that hot air balloon mobile. This should impress you much more than I'm guessing it is, because before a couple months ago, I couldn't even sew on a button!  

Some more homemades - the left pictures is a button shamrock thing my sis made for our shower (we're irish), the middle thing I made from an old frame that I painted coral and then attached chicken wire to the back with a staple gun, and the thing on the right (which is now on the shelf by the window) is a little hot air balloon art I made with scrapbook paper and a circle cutter. That piece is now replaced with a button & burlap hot air balloon artwork that I made: 

Those coral buttons? I PAINTED them coral because it's impossible to find coral buttons anywhere. 

Here's another view of the room: 

This one was pre-shelves as well, oops. Also, we hung that chalkboard on a wall you can't see from these pics. 

The chalkboard is now hung on the right hand wall in the above pic.  Think baby girl has enough headbands? My goodness!

The above angle is from a while ago, but I wanted to show off the little Ikea hanging toy basket thing. Love it! 

So I guess these pictures are kind of terrible / outdated / not consistent, etc. but hopefully they at least give you an idea of what the nursery looks like. I have to credit Craftiness is Not Optional (found via Pinterest) for most of the ideas I stole in this room. 

Next time you hear from me, I will (crossyourfingers) have a daughter! Best of luck to Belle at Scrambled Eggs and Ali at Not All Dreams Are Free, and anyone else due sometime soon.


  1. OH MY GOSH! Where did the time go?!?! 39.5 weeks... due THIS FRIDAY!?! I can't believe it! Good luck! I hope it's a beautiful, stree free birth! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Due date on Friday?! Wow!! That went by fast :) The nursery looks beautiful and ready for that baby girl! The best thing anyone told me before my daughter arrived was from one of the parents at my school (I teach her 3 sons). She told me that I would come to a point where I would think and feel like I just couldn't do it/wouldn't be able to bear anymore and that is the point where you are almost done! It was so true for me! You will have at least one warrior woman moment and then you'll hold that beautiful babe in your arms! Best wishes for a smooth and happy delivery!

  3. Wow, I can't believe she is almost here! I love the nursery, so cute.

  4. How on earth are you about to have a baby? Wait, I guess that means I'm about to have a baby :) Crazy! The nursery is adorable and I'm super impressed with your mobile. I've actually had the same tutorial pinned for months now and the supplies sitting in my craft room but still no mobile has appeared. Perhaps your motivation will inspire me :) Can't wait for your birth announcement post! Sending lots of love, light and positive birthing vibes your way!

  5. Great job! I can't believe you made so much of that stuff! The hot air balloon idea is adorable. :-)

    I hope you have a smooth and easy delivery!

  6. WOW!!!! I can't believe you're finally about to have a baby! Big congrats and what a beautiful and CHEERY nursery. I love it. Great job!

  7. That nursery? Is adorable.

  8. You must have had the baby by now. CONGRATULATIONS! You've won for yourself, your family, and all of us with POF/POI.

  9. Oooohhh, it looks GREAT! I especially love your choice of fabric for the crib sheets and drapes and even your rug. Very nice. Are the walls grey or white? They look so nice and clean! Can't wait to hear how your delivery goes, and don't worry about us in the blogosphere -- spend as much time as you can with baby girl. :)

  10. Jen, thank you so much for sharing your story. It's amazing that you stayed so strong and persistent through this. Reading your blog reminds me of my journey through POF. I was started on birth control pills by my ob/gyn after having inconsistent menstrual periods during medical school and after stopping them for three months at age 24 I was diagnosed with high FSH in the 100's and POF. Now after 7 years, I have finally managed to produce a follicle every few months that resulted in egg retrieval, fertilization and transfer with IVF that unfortunately resulted in chemical pregnancies. I wanted to ask you a few questions. What type of estrogen replacement were you on? Etinyl estradiol? I have been on birth control pills to bring down my FSH. Did you continue that estrogen during pregnancy? Also what type of progesterone did you take every cycle? Also, why did your RE choose IUI instead of IVF? My RE hasn't tried IUI for me yet. I'm thinking of also trying the evening primrose oil? What dose did you take of that? I've been pretty down after my last loss after IVF and started to lose motivation and I am so thankful to have found your blog and your story as it makes me have some hope that there may be still be a chance. Congratulations to you, your husband and family!