Tuesday, January 15, 2013

18 Weeks (almost)

I'll hit 18 weeks on Friday! Whereas the first weeks after we found out we were expecting dragged on at the slowest rate imaginable, time seems to be speeding up quite a bit as I find myself nearing the halfway point of this pregnancy.

I love my little bump. I haven't been recognized as pregnant by any strangers yet (I probably just appear pudgy) but to people who know me, it's obvious. I typically have a fairly flat stomach (monstrous legs, but a flat tummy) and it's definitely not flat anymore!

I would have taken this pregnancy anytime as I'm sure you all know, but I am especially thankful it happened when it did. The past few months have come with pregnancy announcement after pregnancy announcement after pregnancy announcement. I am one of four women at work who are expecting and all of us are due between May and July. Three out of my five college besties are pregnant. My sister in law is pregnant. Two of my best grad school friends are pregnant. It's insanity I tell you!

We ran into two of my college friends at a restaurant last week, both of whom are pregnant, and I chatted it up happily about all of the pregnancy symptoms and plans and what not. As we left, Champ asked how differently that conversation would have gone if we were not expecting. I would have been utterly tortured! And combined with the ladies at work and my sister in law - yikes. The timing worked out pretty well, considering only my SIL had announced her pregnancy before I found out I was expecting. I suspect the next ten announcements would have sent me spiraling into another depression and would not have done me any favors in the fertility department.

This isn't a super meaty post, but I think I've been neglecting the blog and I'm going to try to be better about it! I will write again soon about our decision on whether or not to find out the sex (spoiler alert: we haven't decided yet) and the strange sensation of movement in my ute but not necessarily movement. Thanks for sticking with me, gals.


  1. You mention a bump... maybe it'd be fun to see some PICTURES on here :)

    18 weeks - that's AWESOME

  2. 18 weeks! Holy smokes! Huge congrats. Isn't it funny how the world works? My fertilist of fertile friends found out she was pregnant a week before I did. She said she sat on the toilet with the positive pee stick and sobbed, not for her, but for me and the injustice of it all. One week later she sobbed all over again out of relief that she would not have to make a second tortured announcement to me. It could not have worked out better for us, just like you.

    Jay and I still have not made it up to Ohio yet, but plan to in a few weeks to, gulp, register. I'll let you know when we do and hopefully we can meet up for dinner!

    1. We'd LOVE to meet up for dinner! You just let us know the day and time and we'll make it work. Except for Champ is teaching a class on Thursday nights in February, so he wouldn't be able to join if it were on a Thursday. I'd love to see you and have a much more celebratory conversation than when we met this summer and were both in pretty shitty situations.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my blog! http://nogoodeggs.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/awards-season/

  4. Yay for 18 weeks! You are almost half-way there! I feel so much differently towards pregnant women than I did a few months back. I still feel pangs of jealousy right off the bat for whatever reason, but I feel like I am more able to talk about things that I was before. How different is it talking to a regular person about pregnancy that someone who had trouble? Seems like night and day. Anyways I am glad to hear you are doing well!!

  5. Congrats on 18 weeks! I'm about a week ahead of you...I'll be 19 weeks on Saturday. I feel exactly the same, that the first few days and weeks ticked by so slowly but now time seems to be flying! These babies will be here before we know it! :)

  6. Wow - 18 weeks. I keep forgetting we're only a few days apart!

    I had the same sensation as you; the first trimester took FOREVER and the second seems to be whizzing by. I don't mind at all. :)

  7. I am always excited to read your updates! You and your babe beat the odds and I love it! Glad these weeks are flying by.. before you know it, you'll have your babe in your arms!